• mystery collab overpour

Are you someone who loves surprises?

Add a full-sized mystery bottle of Jen & Berries nail polish to your cart! This will be a nail polish that has been previously released as part of a collaboration - Polished Gamers, Polish Pickup, etc. All polishes will be vegan and cruelty-free, like the rest of my products.

As of 8/30, here's what's available:

PPU: Depth Perfection, You're Living in a Vacuum, Raspberry Parade, His Friends Call Him Doc (may come in Zombie Claw-style 12ml bottle), It's a Bit Nipply Out (may be 12ml), I'll Have What She's Having, The Devil is Kissing His Wife

Polished Gamers Box: Brick Lovin', Isle See You in Summerset

Little Box of Horrors:  On a Curiosity Voyage, As Vampires Go, Pretty Cuddly

Smidgen of us: Gnome if You Want to

The InDBox: Set a Course for Home, Pleiades & Thank You

Others:  Ready, Set, Chica-GO! (PBE VIP Exclusive), I'm Going to Slap You in the Face, Break All Your Legs (Schitty Valentine's Advent '23), Up & Adam (Brain tumor awareness Apr '23)

You can use the comment box to let me know if there is anything you specifically don't want, e.g. "I already have your Dec PGB and Jan PPU so gimme something else," "I loathe glitter nail polish," "Yellow nail polish makes me look like an ogre," "If you give me a sheer nail polish I'll track you down and pour it all over your car," and I will try my best to accommodate you!

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mystery collab overpour

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