Here is a history of all released Jen & Berries indie nail polishes, including nail polish boxes. Please note that this looks like garbage on mobile format.  I'll get it fixed at some point.

January 2021 - New Years Resolutions

December 2020 - Winter Polish Lovers Group - Aurora Polaris

December 2020 - Christmas Treat Trio & Collabs

Belle of the Peppermint Ball

Taste the Italian Rainbow

Gimme Some Sugar, Cookie

the indie lab
sleet emotions

polished gamers
dance of the moonlight jellies

November 2020

le petite indies
tinsel in a tangle

polished gamers
fall from grace

November 2020 - Food Fight 2nd Chapter

okay, who stirred the pot-pie this time?

can't we just squash this?

deviled eggplant

October 2020

polished gamers 
fancy a game of chansey?

charity box
night by candlelight

September 2020

polished gamers box
let it glow

colorful colorado
strange sightings at silvercliffe

August 2020 - 1st Anniversary - Faster

red flag! red flag!

#1 stunna

yard sale

in the slipstream


knee dragger

hitting the apex

August 2020 Collabs

pink lady cider
all the pretty pinks

now or never
polished gamers box

June 2020 - Polished Gamers Box - Borderlands

ready to bring down the house, sugar?

May 2020 - Lilac Festival

sunken garden

lilac arches

highland spark

April 2020 - Polished Gamers Box - Animal Crossing

don't just follow the herd, daahling

March 2020 - Spring Me Along - spring collection

cherry bl-awesome

i'm, like, speachless right now

sun scream

i totally mint to do that

open up and say ahh-qua

triple rainbow

March 2020 - Le Petite Indies Box

welcome back, buds

February 2020 - Polished Gamers Box

you'll never live to see it

February 2020 - BFF - Valentine's Duo



December 2019 - Winter Wanderland - winter collection

ice stormed the castle

that's mrs. claws to you

rocker fella

so we have to kiss now?

snowball's chance in hell

parade of fairy lights

i love a good carol

November 2019 - Family Food Fight - Thanksgiving collection

guack-a-mole champion

i regret nothing

pardon me

September 2019 - Autumn is Better in New England - fall collection

bring on tall boots and leggings

happy i'maple to see you

i give that sweater two plums up

the chill is fine when you've got wine

the nights grow longer

August 2019 - Me on a Good Day - Brand launch

a touch of grace

raging fire within

sin-kissed glow

tranquility in turmoil

wisdom beyond

impetuous passion

imagination run wild