Here is a history of all released Jen & Berries indie nail polishes, including nail polish boxes. Please note that this looks like garbage on mobile format.  I'll get it fixed at some point.

August 2020 - Magenta to Blush: All the Pretty Pinks - Fall

pink lady cider

August 2020 - Polished Gamers Box - The Witcher

now or never

June 2020 - Polished Gamers Box - Borderlands

ready to bring down the house, sugar?

May 2020 - Lilac Festival

sunken garden

lilac arches

highland spark

April 2020 - Polished Gamers Box - Animal Crossing

don't just follow the herd, daahling

March 2020 - Spring Me Along - spring collection

cherry bl-awesome

i'm, like, speachless right now

sun scream

i totally mint to do that

open up and say ahh-qua

triple rainbow

March 2020 - Le Petite Indies Box

welcome back, buds

February 2020 - Polished Gamers Box

you'll never live to see it

February 2020 - BFF - Valentine's Duo



December 2019 - Winter Wanderland - winter collection

ice stormed the castle

that's mrs. claws to you

rocker fella

so we have to kiss now?

snowball's chance in hell

parade of fairy lights

i love a good carol

November 2019 - Family Food Fight - Thanksgiving collection

guack-a-mole champion

i regret nothing

pardon me

September 2019 - Autumn is Better in New England - fall collection

bring on tall boots and leggings

happy i'maple to see you

i give that sweater two plums up

the chill is fine when you've got wine

the nights grow longer

August 2019 - Me on a Good Day - Brand launch

a touch of grace

raging fire within

sin-kissed glow

tranquility in turmoil

wisdom beyond

impetuous passion

imagination run wild